The objective of the program "People of Khanh Hoa speak English" is to help local people communicate in basic English, promote the English speaking movement to come to life and serve the common development of the community. conscious. The program is implemented with the expectation of promoting the development of Khanh Hoa Province towards the goal of becoming a smart, sustainable and identity city, on par with Asia.

If you have a need to learn English communication, please register at the link. The program "English-speaking Khanh Hoa people" is being piloted in Nha Trang City and Cam Lam District for 5 groups of students, students, workers who interact with foreign guests, small businesses, officials. People register to participate in the study by registering directly at local organizations such as residential groups, women's unions, youth unions... or through an online App built specifically for the program. If you want to participate as a volunteer, organize classes, manage English clubs, deploy movement activities... please register at the link.

In the first phase, the program will establish 150 English clubs, including: 100 community clubs will be opened in residential groups, mass organizations, local associations and 50 clubs will be opened at schools and public agencies. department. These clubs will open evening classes online or in person, organize weekly activities with many encouragement and reward activities for units and individuals with good academic achievements. In addition, a series of other movement activities will also be held regularly such as: Khanh Hoa 10 minutes to speak English, English at weekends in crowded places; monthly English-speaking club exchange; quarterly English Olympiad; Khanh Hoa English Festival once a year... with many attractive prizes to create a lively English communication environment and attract people to participate.

According to the agreement, Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee will assume the lead role, establish a steering committee and manage the program, and widely propagate it on the media for people to access. Vingroup will be the unit that plays the role of connecting and implementing the program, including content on curriculum, capacity building, operational and financial support.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us!